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2nd Skin 6 Mm Black Red S
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2nd Skin 6 Mm Black / Red S Wet suits Mares 2nd Skin 6 Mm
Suits and complements Wet suits Mares 2nd Skin 6 Mm. The cold water wetsuit R-Evolution TIZIP silverseal. Dry and easy Spine pad. Protection and comfort Neck seal with zip. Perfect fitDon the 1.5mm shorty secondSkin underneath the steamer and jump into a new generation of protection against coldwater. Lighter, more comfortable, warmer and modular, the shorty is made of Metalite to create a water barrier for your second skin. In addition, the steamer is equipped with a back SilverSeal zip and zipped wrists and ankles to complete the concept.FOR DEMANDING DIVERS:Those who dive frequently and in difficult conditions need products featuring superior quality and consistent performance, time and time again. Mares has always focused on new technologies and innovative products that lead to concrete benefits: superior reliability and performance will be appreciated by the most experienced demanding divers.COLD WATER:Designing and engineering products for cold water diving requires max
Manufacturer (Brand): Mares

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